Welcome to the Victorian Faculty’s website ‘Who are we now?’

This is a history project aimed at celebrating and unifying our community in Victoria by forging links between the generations, enjoying the stories, challenges and progress of our profession, and exploring the ways we constantly move into new and exciting territories.

‘Who are we now?’ has been facilitated by our Historian-in-Residence Emma Russell of History@Work. It has involved oral history interviews with leading senior dermatologists, witness seminars with successive cohorts of College Fellows, oral history stories drawing on these interviews and discussions, and the development of a digital archive of donated material.

We hope you enjoy the movies on the oral history page and the proceedings on the witness seminar page. We also hope you will be inspired to join us in future witness seminars, donate copies of interesting articles, photographs or other items for the archive, or write a piece for the Hospitals page of this website. Contributions from everyone in our Victorian community will enable us to continue forging links with each other to celebrate and understand our chosen profession and who we are now.

Belinda Welsh

Chair, Victorian Faculty 2015-2017

PS – This project was Highly Commended in the Oral History Victoria Community Innovation Awards, October 2016!